Pressure Washer Products » Farmington, NM

AaLadin Southwest carries a variety of products to clean your home or business gently, safely, and effectively. We are the best source for power washing products in Farmington, Durango, Cortez and beyond in offering top products for steam and pressure cleaning including:



We carry high pressure washers and parts washers which get into the grooves and hard-to-reach areas for a thorough, deep clean.

  • •  Pressure Washers- hot and cold high pressure washers, available in electric or gas. Cold pressure washers are ideal for removing dirt, but hot pressure washers are ideal to cut through oil and grease.
  • •  Parts Washer- industrial sized parts washer. Simple functionality in that you simply load it, set it and forget it.

Water Storage Tanks


In addition to the selection of pressure washers, AaLadin Southwest also carries a large selection of water storage tanks. These can be used to store potable water, chemicals, or fuel. The water storage tanks come in a variety of colors for their different uses. Our water storage tanks also come in a wide selection of shapes and sizes for their different uses. For more information on the different selection of water storage tanks and which will best suit your specific needs, contact a knowledgeable staff member at AaLadin Southwest today.

  • •  Vertical Storage Tanks- versatile stationery tanks good for storing water. Available anywhere from 6 gal. to 3,000 gal. in white, black, or blue.
  • •  Pick-Up Truck Tanks- good for hauling and pick-up trucks. Available in 3 sizes.
  • •  Horizontal Leg Tanks- sturdy tank best for transport and hauling with legs that act as baffles to reduce water sloshing. Leg tank bands also available.
  • •  Additional Tanks- cone tanks & loaf tanks for storage and or hauling.



We carry a wide variety of parts in our inventory, including pressure washer and pump parts, pressure washer accessories, pressure and poly hoses, pumps, and hose reels. We also have Honda engines, water pumps, tank fittings, lids, and hall valves. These are just a few of the parts we can obtain for you, so if you need something specific, let us know.



For cleaning that needs more than high pressure water, we have safe and effective chemicals.

  • •  Power-heavy duty degreaser
  • •  Dynamite - truck and car detergent
  • •  Part Washers Detergent - for parts washers

Our product inventory is extensive, so please give us a call with any questions about our washers, tanks, parts, chemicals and more!